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Healthier & Happier You Roadmap 💗
Do you need to make some changes to be happier and healthier?
I love that “Roadmap” phrase, it reminds me of Boris trying to get us out of the lockdowns lol.
The way we can use it to our benefit is to try and find a roadmap out of our bad and unhealthy habits.
I therefore challenge you to create 1, 2 or 3 “doable” changes that you can make from right away in order to create a healthier you.
Can you let me know what they are too, as I might not have thought of them or they just may inspire others.
I am real, I am human and whilst I teach health, fitness and wellbeing, I find it incredibly hard to practice what I preach. I went on holiday’s in April, then Easter, now the Queens celebrations and then my birthday coming up – aghhhhh! Time to create this roadmap for myself too as we just forget what we’re doing sometimes and get carried away.
Let’s inspire each other.
Here are my 3 changes:
1 Eat more good fats and less carbs – fats fill you up and carbs leave you craving.
2 Keep hydrated – often when we are hungry, we are actually thirsty instead.
3 Focus on getting better sleep – There are sooooo many factors which hinder our sleep, so work on them. If we sleep better our hormones are more balanced and we’re happier. I’ll not be having any caffeine after 12pm.
Only create changes that are realistic, so maybe 1 change is enough for you for now. Then add another next week.
Please let me know what you choose though, I’m really interested to see what makes you feel better. xx

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