In the zone, out of the zone

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In the zone, out of the zone, but back in the zone again today!

So what if you had a day out of the zone, the important thing is to get back in the zone again the next day.

It was a great weekend for Vern’s birthday and on the whole I was super good. My hypno worked and I only had 1 piece of cake at a time lol. A big win for a foodie like me.

Slightly hung over yesterday, I went out of the zone, but am v happy to be back in it again today. 

Have a great week all.

Are you in the zone and what tips do you have to share❓

Oooo, I forgot to mention another tip which is helping atm, My Fitness Pal. it’s free and is such an excellent way to remind you just how many calls you’re slipping in without realising. It may be boring recording your intake, but it works.  give it a go.
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