Tight Hamstrings Anybody?

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If you’ve got tight hamstrings, you seriously need to get on your foam roller. I’m so annoyed with myself for temporarily forgetting about my roller over the festive period, as have been dealing with quite sore hamstrings on a daily basis.

I’d wake and they were fine, then as the day went on they got more and more sore.

When I was warmed up last Friday, I jumped on the roller, as shown in the video, for about 5 mins and the pain and tension has now gone! I wanted to wait until today to see if it really had worked – like it always does, and it has 🎉. I’d been doing lots of hamstring stretches, but once too tight, they weren’t enough. This works.

Just incredible. So chuffed to feel lighter and back to my bouncy self.

If you’d like advice on this, get on touch.


Just don’t roll over any prominent veins and you’ll be fine.

If it’s painful, you need it more than ever!

Have a great week. 💕

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