About Vikki Davis

With almost 3 decades of experience in the fitness industry, I’ve relished in continual personal development, taking course after course to further improve my skills, keeping up to date with modern and scientific research. Further honing my skills at renowned establishments such as The Body Firm in Harley Street, Home House under Jonathan Goodair, and The Grosvenor House with Mark Roberts, I gained invaluable knowledge that empowered me to “go it alone.”

I’m currently a long-distance triathlete, but my high-energy training style took a turn towards calm and relaxing exercise with Fitness Pilates, which has now become my favored form of exercise. I love to make my classes fun and pride myself on offering “weaker back and beginner options” for almost EVERY exercise, making the multi-level classes safe for everyone.  This is an art in itself and can only be done with the many years of experience I have behind me from teaching 100’s of people. I passionately believe in the lifelong benefits of Pilates, advocating for it’s inclusion in school curricula to prevent spinal imbalances.
One of the most rewarding aspects of my job is sharing my exercise expertise and witnessing the transformative results in my clients’ health and fitness. Today, I divide my time between teaching individuals and corporate online through my business “Fitness Pilates, WalkFit & HIIT at Home with Vikki.” Whether leading classes in Welwyn Village, providing tailored 1:1 sessions in my Codicote home studio and on Zoom, or indulging in runs in the fields for personal rejuvenation, my dedication shines through.

My multifaceted skills extend beyond fitness, encompassing practices in Acupressure Massage and ITEC Reflexology, offering a holistic approach for clients feeling less energetic or slightly run down.

My passion lies in empowering everyone, regardless of age or disability, to experience the joy of the fun-filled classes. As I firmly believe, turning back time is not just a possibility but a journey towards strength from the inside out. In the wise words of Joseph Pilates, “don’t ask someone how old they are, ask them how old their back feels.”
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