What cardio have you done today?

What cardio have you done today❓

I’m struggling, but WILL get it done after I give the kids a snack, after school.

It’s a non negotiable now and having lost 4lbs doing the 20 mins min a day challenge during the last 3 weeks, I’m not stopping now.

I’ve also just signed up to a new course starting on Thursday with my mentor @rachellholmes, Advanced Instructor Presenter. Yesss, excited.

Well have a great day and let me know how it’s going? Do you need more help or motivation?



Pelvic Floor Update

Are you pinching your Pelvic Floor correctly?

It came to light in my class today that one of my ladies friends’ has been doing this exercise wrong for years. She’s been punching and squeezing the buttocks and sphincter too.

The way to do it is to:

Slowly pinch or squeeze the muscle that would stop the flow of urine

Hold it for a few seconds

Then release

Much, more effective. ✔️

Take care and feel free to get in touch for more information or workouts to help your PF.

Vikki xx


Men Need Pelvic Floor Exercises Too

It’s very, very simple, Pelvic Floor exercises are NOT just for women. Men need them too.

Here’s why:

💙 To help shrink an enlarged prostate

💙 To Improve incontinence

💙Manage prostate pain and swelling that occurs with prostatitis

💙Increased sexual pleasure and orgasm with a stronger PF

💙Improve erection pre and post prostate surgery

I’ll show you how tomorrow 👌


No Hovering Ladies!

No hovering allowed ladies! This will put pressure on your Pelvic Floor.

Especially if you have a prolapse = double trouble.

Take your time, line the seat with paper and sit comfortably.

Pelvic Floor health is so important, take control if it now so that you don’t have problems down the line.

Here to help so please do get in touch.

Men also. A strong PF will help men out in the prostate department. More on that subject to follow.

Take care – Try Pilates 😊


Pelvic Floor Week

Pelvic Floor Health Week

Follow for tips and challenges as the week goes on.

If we take control of our Pelvic Floor before a problem occurs, we might not experience a problem in later life.

There are many reason that you may experience a prolapse or a weakening of the Pelvic Floor and one of the main causes is having had multiple births.

As time goes on, if you don’t strengthen your core and PF, it could take it’s toll.

Living with a prolapse or weak PF will cause disruption to your life, more than you can imagine, so take charge now. ❤️

Always here to offer advice or help.

www.vikkidavisfitness.com or link in bio IG.

Have a great week

Vikki xx

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Here’s another tip to getting your Cardio workout done!

MULTITASKING – yes, try it.

I’m now 20 mins in, I’m writing this post on my phone and have just hit the Cardio Zone with heart racing up to a comfortable 126 bpm. Chuffed.

I lay in bed thinking “I want to do my workout, but need to do some admin”, then this idea came to mind.

Another way would be to walk and talk. Have a meeting whilst power walking. Chat to family or friends.

Try it today, even for 15 mins and let me know what you’ve managed to fit in.

Have a fab day xx


Balance and Control

Whilst it’s hot this week, I’ve swapped our standing squats for even more balance challenges.

If you’d like to join a class in Welwyn Village pls get in touch. Classes are even more beautiful at the moment, whilst the sun shines the classes are outside 🌞



Online Pilates

Would you like to do some online Pilates?

Here’s a little clip from one of my classes this week.

You may be lacking time to go to a face2face class, so this is perfect. So many people are turning to online classes now for convenience and time management in this busy world.

If face2face is the only way for you though, I have many classes in Welwyn, so get in touch either way. 😜



Have a fab Sunday 💕

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