1 Hr Fitness Pilates Vidoes

Mobility & Stretch #345

A beautiful 1 hr mobility & Stretch recording from a LIVE class. Everyone loved it.

Level: All
Duration: 1 Hour
Date: 31/01/23

Fitness Pilates HIIT #322

This is a recording from one of the Face2Face classes, a high energy Fitness Pilates class using HIIT protocol to get get you going.

Level: Int/Adv
Duration: 52 Min
Date: 24/05/22

1 Hr Fitness Pilates HIIT #305

A whopping 1 hour HIIT for you using the Tabata Timer, 20 secs on/10 off with 4 x each exercise. The first 30 mins is a standing workout with mat work to follow.

Level: All
Duration: 60 Min
Date: 17/02/22

1 Hr Fitness Pilates #278

Focusing on balance and legs, prepare to feel the DOMS tomorrow (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness!)

Level: All
Duration: 60 Min
Date: 30/09/21

Fitness Pilates #268

Enjoy working hard with this 1 Hr class.

Level: All
Duration: 58 Min
Date: 18/08/21

Fitness Pilates #254

This whole body workout will leave you feeling fabulous.

Level: All
Duration: 60 Min
Date: 26/07/21

Fitness Pilates from LIVE #250

A full body workout, always feeling amazing after these ones.

Level: All
Duration: 60 Min
Date: 30/06/21

Fitness Pilates #221

This class will take you "Back To Basics" with a slower pace to give you time to make sure you're performing correctly.

Level: All
Duration: 60 Min
Date: 5/5/21

Fitness Pilates #98

Using the magic ring for some of the exercises, this lovely 1 hr session will cover all areas.

Level: All
Duration: 57 Min
Date: 17/12/20

Fitness Pilates - Christmas #118

The 1 hr Pilates class with a Christmas feel to it.

Level: All
Duration: 55 Min
Date: 10/12/20

Fitness Pilates #93

With a Barre inspired warmup, this session will work you in a challenging and new way.

Level: All
Duration: 60 Min
Date: 02/12/20

Fitness Pilates #68

To include press ups, abs and clams. Enjoy the 1 Hr session.

Level: All
Duration: 60 Min
Date: 25/11/20