40 Min Fitness Pilates Vidoes

Pilates Aeroplane Session #348

You will be turning yourselves into aeroplanes with this one! Balance and control. It's a fab session.

Level: All
Duration: 45 Min
Date: 03/03/23

Pilates for Stronger Backs #341

Using the long band, this workout for already strong backs, will help make them stronger.

Level: Int/Adv
Duration: 40 Min
Date: 04/11/22

Cardio Pilates #335

With a gently elevated heart rate throughout, this Pilates workout will cover everything you need for a healthy YOU.

Level: All
Duration: 46 Min
Date: 03/10/22

Fitness Pilates Flow #330

NB, Audio came on after a min or 2! A lovely flow to Mediterranean sounds.

Level: Int
Duration: 43 mins
Date: 01/08/22

Fitness Pilates #316

Working the whole body with some lovely sequences.

Level: All
Duration: 42 Min
Date: 13/04/22

Fitness Pilates #212

This is a hip focused session using stretch, mobility and strength exercises.

Level: All
Duration: 40 Min
Date: 27/4/21

Fitness Pilates #6

With the format of the 1 hr sessions, covering all areas in a quicker time.

Level: All
Duration: 40 Mins
Date: 06/10/20

Fitness Pilates #6

This session has lots of planks!

Level: All
Duration: 40 Mins
Date: 15/09/20

Mini Ball Pt 1 #145

Mini ball Pt 1 will show you how to use the soft Pilates ball.

Level: All
Duration: 37 Min
Date: 13/05/21