40 secs on/15 off Cardio HIIT Vidoes

Standing Cardio Core #357

Grab a light weight dumbbell for this standing cardio core workout. It's hard enough without a weight, so don't worry if you have to put it down.

Level: Int/Adv
Duration: 28 Min
Date: 04/07/23

Standing Abs With Weights & Hamstring HIIT Workout #352

Grab some weights, there's lots going on here, core, legs and a whole lot more.

Level: All
Duration: 27 Min
Date: 08/05/23

Boxing Cardio HIIT #349

Yes, another boxing HIIT to add to the library, with new moves. 35 secs on and 15 off - definitely my fav!

Level: All
Duration: 26 Min
Date: 18/03/23

Cardio HIIT #346

No equipment needed for this one. Just you and your trainers. Enjoy at all levels. 35 secs on/12 off.

Level: All
Duration: 32 Min
Date: 10/02/23

Tabata Cardio HIIT #342

A monster workout to burn away the calories. 20 secs on, 10 off, 4 x each exercise. Grab 2 light weights. NO REPEATS.

Level: All
Duration: 51 Mins
Date: 15/12/22

Pre Party HIIT #337

Use this speedy workout to boost your endorphins when you need a lift. No repeats!

Level: All
Duration: 30 Min
Date: 27/09/22

High Energy Cardio HIIT #321

After months of not being able to jump, this is a thrill. As always, no jumping options available.

Level: All/Beg
Duration: 31 Min
Date: 02/08/22

No Repeat HIIT #312

Here's another no repeater meaning the time passes even more quickly than usual. There are always no jumping options with the HIIT workouts.

Level: All
Duration: 27
Date: 23/03/22

Boxing Day Blast - HIIT #294

Working off some calories with this one.

Level: All
Duration: 21 Min
Date: 28/01/22

Cardio HIIT - No Repeats With Weights #9

Using weights and the protocol of 40 secs on and 17 off, this no repeat workout covers it all.

Level: All
Duration: 30 Min
Date: 25/11/21

Cardio HIIT #281

Using the protocol 35 secs on and only 12 off, this one will work you hard.

Level: All
Duration: 18 Min
Date: 05/10/21

High Energy HIIT #237

Using the split of 3 exercises x 3 times and there are 2 blocks of 3. This is a great cardio workout.

Level: Int/Adv
Duration: 22 Min
Date: 22/05/21