Ante/Postnatal Vidoes

Postnatal Pilates #283

Keeping your tummy safe with this workout which you could repeat as often as you have time for.

Level: All
Duration: 20 Min
Date: 16/10/21

Do's & Don'ts of Postnatal Exercises

This short video will explain which exercises are NOT for you and why it's so important not to over do it.

Level: All
Duration: 9 Min
Date: 03/03/21

Diastasis Recti Self Check #162

This video will show you how to check for a muscle separation between your abdominals.

Level: All
Duration: 6 Min
Date: 03/03/21

Postnatal Advice #151

Postnatal ladies, please listen to this short video chat to explain how to safely return to exercise.

Level: All
Duration: 11 Min
Date: 26/02/21

Antenatal Advice #150

Antenatal ladies, please listen to this short chat which will put you in good stead for exercising during your pregnancy.

Level: All
Duration: 10 Min
Date: 01/03/21