Arms & Shoulders Vidoes

Arms With Long Band #347

Getting "summer ready" toned arms with this one.

Level: All
Duration: 20 Min
Date: 17/03/23

Shoulder Mobility & Stretch #363

For when they are just too stiff! Enjoy and repeat as often as needed to loosen your shoulders.

Level: All
Duration: 16 Mins
Date: 02/03/23

Chest Tone #327

Chest toning is a fav with ladies of a certain age, who find they are loosening up around the sides lol. Keeping your pectoral muscles strong will certainly help.

Level: All
Duration: 21 Min
Date: 13/07/22

Weights - Upper Body #275

A snackable workout for your upper body. Grab the weights.

Level: All
Duration: 9 Min
Date: 04/05/22

Seated Cardio #306

Working up a sweat with this one, perfect if you want to do some cardio, but have a leg or ankle injury. The tempo does get quite fast!

Level: Int
Duration: 27 Min
Date: 23/02/22

Super Shoulders #220

Mobility, stretch and strengthening - this workout has it all.

Level: All
Duration: 16 Min
Date: 04/05/21

35 Min Cardio Weights - Arms Focused #177

Grab your weights for this arm focused cardio weights session.

Level: All
Duration: 35 Min
Date: 12/03/21

Strong Shoulders & Arms #86

Doing exactly what it says in the title, creating strong shoulders and arms.

Level: All
Duration: 29 Min
Date: 16/11/20

Arms #135

Using a long band to work your arms and most other parts of the body.

Level: All
Duration: 29 Min
Date: 07/08/20