Barre & Balance Vidoes

Cardio Barre #344

These are the workouts which add a touch of elegance and poise. Add the cardio in and bingo!

Level: All
Duration: 30 Min
Date: 31/01/23

Cardio Barre #336

Prepare to glow with these moves. A lovely flow routine.

Level: Int/Adv
Duration: 31 Min
Date: 14/09/22

Simple Balance - Using a Bar #298

Yes, simple but effective. Before we can balance we need to practice whilst holding on, so here you are.

Level: All/Beg
Duration: 22 Min
Date: 28/01/22

Booty Barre #291

Grab yourself something sturdy to use as a barre for this butt strengthening workout.

Level: Int/Adv
Duration: 38 Min
Date: 17/11/21

Barre Balance #366

A quickie postural beauty.

Level: All
Duration: 7 Min
Date: 09/11/21

Brilliant Balance #270

This is why most people come to Pilates - to improve their balance. Let's do this!

Level: All
Duration: 19 Min
Date: 20/08/21

Cardio Barre #211

Creating beautiful lines and posture with this cardio Barre workout.

Level: All
Duration: 38 Min
Date: 29.4.21

Cardio, Barre & Pilates #143

A lovely fusion of all 3 disciplines, certainly covering all areas.

Level: All
Duration: 25 Min
Date: 21/01/21

Fitness Pilates #93

With a Barre inspired warmup, this session will work you in a challenging and new way.

Level: All
Duration: 60 Min
Date: 02/12/20

Barre Mat Fusion #34

Introducing more Barre exercises to those who are used to Pilates. It's great to use our bodies in different ways.

Level: All
Duration: 34 Min
Date: 12/11/20

Cardio Barre #36

This beautiful session will give you "Legs On Fire". There are also some exercises using weights too, so grab a couple of tins of food if you don't have weights.

Level: All
Duration: 45 Min
Date: 25/09/20

Barre Balance #10

A beautifully elegant session. Wearing a pair of socks can help with pointing and sliding.

Level: All
Duration: 40 Mins
Date: 16/09/20