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Tabata Cardio #339

A good high energy workout which can be made easier if need be. 20/10 Tabata protocol.

Level: All
Duration: 30 Min
Date: 21/10/22

Weighted Cardio HIIT #332

Tabata style Cardio HIIT using weights. 20/10 protocol. Enjoy.

Level: All
Duration: 32 Min
Date: 14/10.22

Beginner Cardio HIIT - No Jump - No Repeats #331

This is the one for those who think they can't do a HIIT - come on, give it a go, you can do it.

Level: Beg
Duration: 25 Min
Date: 13/10/22

Pre Party HIIT #337

Use this speedy workout to boost your endorphins when you need a lift. No repeats!

Level: All
Duration: 30 Min
Date: 27/09/22

Boxing HIIT #330

This is a bouncy high energy workout, with options to lower the intensity if need be.

Level: All
Duration: 21 Min
Date: 17/08/22

High Energy Cardio HIIT #321

After months of not being able to jump, this is a thrill. As always, no jumping options available.

Level: All/Beg
Duration: 31 Min
Date: 02/08/22

Heatwave Happy Hour LIIT #329

This was perfect for a steamy hot day - get the cardio in!

Level: All
Duration: 20 Min
Date: 19/07/22

Heatwave HIIT #328

Low impact HIIT for you using light weights.

Level: All
Duration: 20 Min
Date: 18/07/22

Cardio LIIT #325

This literally means no jumping, so less impact on your poor ole joints lol. It doesn't mean that we will work any less hard though.

Level: All
Duration: 23 Min
Date: 19/06/22

Fitness Pilates LIIT #323

Using the timer and the protocol of 40 secs on and 15 off, this one will give you 1 x cardio exercise, followed by 1 x Pilates exercise. The time flies.

Level: All
Duration: 27 Min
Date: 01/06/22

Cardio LIIT - No Jump #319

I love to work hard in these LIIT workouts, showing you that there is no need to jump to burn some calories

Level: All
Duration: 23 Min
Date: 05/05/22

Tabata HIIT with Weights #317

Split into 3 sections, 1 high energy, 1 weighted and 1 core using the Tabata 20/10 timer.

Level: All
Duration: 44 Min
Date: 14/04/22
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