Fitness Pilates and Cardio HIIT Vidoes

Tabata Cardio HIIT & Fitness Pilates #63

A bumper session covering everything! Cardio HIIT first followed by Pilates mat work and stretches.

Level: All
Duration: 41 Min
Date: 20/11/20

Cardio & FP HIIT Combo #11

A monster session working the whole of your body hard.

Level: All
Duration: 43 Min
Date: 02/10/20

Fitness Pilates & Cardio HIIT #172

Alternating between a Fitness Pilates exercise then a cardio move to work every part of your muscular and cardiovascular system.

Level: All
Duration: 30 Min
Date: 25/08/20

Cardio & FP HIIT Combo #66

Using the Tabata HIIT format of 20 secs on, 10 off, 4 x each exercise. Cardio HIIT first followed by a Pilates HIIT.

Level: All
Duration: 44 Min
Date: 26/06/20