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Simple Balance - Using a Bar #298

Yes, simple but effective. Before we can balance we need to practice whilst holding on, so here you are.

Level: All/Beg
Duration: 22 Min
Date: 28/01/22

Fitness Pilates #295

Try this one if you are wanting to get back to your whole body workouts and time is of the essence.

Level: All
Duration: 31 Min
Date: 28/01/22

Fitness Pilates HIIT #297

Using the Tabata protocol, half of this workout is standing and the other lying. Enjoy and watch the time fly!

Level: All
Duration: 30 Min
Date: 14/12/21

Athletic Fitness Pilates Pt 3 #289

More deep Pilates using a foam roller, towel or band for positioning.

Level: Int/Adv
Duration: 33 Min
Date: 09/11/21

Fitness Pilates #286

A real mix here to work the whole body.

Level: All
Duration: 32 Min
Date: 26/10/21

Postnatal Pilates #283

Keeping your tummy safe with this workout which you could repeat as often as you have time for.

Level: All
Duration: 20 Min
Date: 16/10/21

Plankety Plank #277

17 Minutes of pure planking with a stretch in-between each one.

Level: Int/Adv
Duration: 17 Min
Date: 05/10/21

1 Hr Fitness Pilates #278

Focusing on balance and legs, prepare to feel the DOMS tomorrow (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness!)

Level: All
Duration: 60 Min
Date: 30/09/21

Pilates for Pelvic Floor #274

Really focusing on the pelvic floor for those who may suffer a prolapse or incontinence.

Level: All
Duration: 20 Min
Date: 07/09/21

Fitness Pilates #268

Enjoy working hard with this 1 Hr class.

Level: All
Duration: 58 Min
Date: 18/08/21

Brilliant Balance #270

This is why most people come to Pilates - to improve their balance. Let's do this!

Level: All
Duration: 19 Min
Date: 20/08/21

Fitness Pilates HIIT #262

With a 45 second cardio burst every couple of exercises, this workout will cover all areas.

Level: All
Duration: 41 Min
Date: 30/07/21
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