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Pilates Bum #338

No floppy buns around here! Working in sequences to lift and tone the buns.

Level: All
Duration: 27 Min
Date: 14/10/22

Chest Tone #327

Chest toning is a fav with ladies of a certain age, who find they are loosening up around the sides lol. Keeping your pectoral muscles strong will certainly help.

Level: All
Duration: 21 Min
Date: 13/07/22

Happy Hips #290

Love your hips and try this Snackable workout as often as possible.

Level: All
Duration: 8 Min
Date: 01/06/22

Bodyweight Strength #311

Bodyweight is the best way to build strength safely. Enjoy.

Level: All
Duration: 26 Min
Date: 14/03/22

Seated Cardio #306

Working up a sweat with this one, perfect if you want to do some cardio, but have a leg or ankle injury. The tempo does get quite fast!

Level: Int
Duration: 27 Min
Date: 23/02/22

Fitness Pilates With Weights #296

Grab some 1 or 2kg weights to really enhance the exercises and do stop or put the weights down if your core isn't strong enough to hold yourself in position.

Level: All
Duration: 31 Min
Date: 11/01/22

Pilates for Prolapse #287

Try these 3 times a week to help with your prolapse, or to prevent one.

Level: All
Duration: 8 Min
Date: 16/11/21

Athletic Fitness Pilates Pt 3 #289

More deep Pilates using a foam roller, towel or band for positioning.

Level: Int/Adv
Duration: 33 Min
Date: 09/11/21

Athletic Fitness Pilates PT 2 #286

Taking a deep dive into hip and thoracic spine mobility.

Level: Int/Adv
Duration: 31 Min
Date: 05/11/21

Core Weights #285

There should me more workouts like this! Don't go heavy on the weights as they are harder than they look.

Level: All
Duration: 25 Min
Date: 16/10/21

Plankety Plank #277

17 Minutes of pure planking with a stretch in-between each one.

Level: Int/Adv
Duration: 17 Min
Date: 05/10/21

Pilates for Pelvic Floor #274

Really focusing on the pelvic floor for those who may suffer a prolapse or incontinence.

Level: All
Duration: 20 Min
Date: 07/09/21
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