Kids Vidoes

Kids Standing Mobility #188

Motivating the kids to work on their core in a fun way with the help of Sebby.

Level: All
Duration: 06/02/21
Date: 8 Min

Kids Core Pt 3 #144

This is a standing core session so grab a chair if you need to assistance with balance. Have fun.

Level: All
Duration: 8 Min
Date: 17/01/20

Kids Core Pt 2 #127

Part 2 of these short kiddie core workouts.

Level: All
Duration: 9 Min
Date: 08/01/21

Kids Core Pt 1 #126

Sebby is helping to demonstrate some exercises designed to build a strong core.

Level: All
Duration: 8
Date: 08/01/21

Inclusive Kids Halloween HIIT #102

20 mins of fun for all of the family. This session is inclusive for many little kiddies who may have weaker muscles than some, so give it a go.

Level: All
Duration: 20 Min
Date: 31/10/20

Kids HIIT with Amber #32

Keeping the kids moving too. May I introduce Amber to help with the session. Amber created this workout.

Level: Kids
Duration: 19 Min
Date: 03/08/20

Kids Fitness Pilates #125

Amber and Sebby are joining this lovely session for kids aged 5+ which is taught through story telling.

Level: All
Duration: 27 Min
Date: 30/04/20