Legs, Bums & Hips Vidoes

Pilates Bum #338

No floppy buns around here! Working in sequences to lift and tone the buns.

Level: All
Duration: 27 Min
Date: 14/10/22

1 Hr Fitness Pilates #278

Focusing on balance and legs, prepare to feel the DOMS tomorrow (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness!)

Level: All
Duration: 60 Min
Date: 30/09/21

Happy Hips & Hamstrings #265

This really will loosen and strengthen the muscles and joints of your hips and hamstrings. It's so important to do this one as often as you can manage.

Level: All
Duration: 32 Min
Date: 03/08/21

Activation Band Pt 1 #71

Using an activation band will add to these leg exercises hugely, so just pop it off it becomes too strenuous.

Level: All
Duration: 35 Min
Date: 30/06/20

Fitness Pilates #212

This is a hip focused session using stretch, mobility and strength exercises.

Level: All
Duration: 40 Min
Date: 27/4/21

Leg Stretches #190

These are the stretches we all need after our workouts.

Level: All
Duration: 7 Min
Date: 12/04/21

Back & Hamstring Stretches #191

Those tight hamstrings often cause havoc with backs, so do these often if you can.

Level: All
Duration: 8 Min
Date: 01/04/21

Happy Hips (and backs!) #175

Working on mobilising and stretching the hips, back and legs. Definitely a session to revisit often.

Level: All
Duration: 23 Min
Date: 15/03/21

Pilates Bum & Tennis Ball Massage #182

25 Mins of Pilates Bum followed by a deep massage to the piriformis muscle with the tennis ball.

Level: All
Duration: 35 Min
Date: 11/03/21

Standing Fitness Pilates #114

This session is very much legs focused.

Level: All
Duration: 20 Min
Date: 24/11/20

Lovely Legs Pt 2 #15

Part 2 of this leg strengthening set of sessions. If you have an activation band then you may well like to add it.

Level: All
Duration: 22 Min
Date: 08/11/21

Lovely Legs #16

Using weights or the activation band if you would like to add to the exercises which are focusing on your legs.

Level: All
Duration: 22 Min
Date: 01/11/20