Pelvic Floor Vidoes

Floor & Core #356

Working the Pelvic floor in a super clam and simple manner, but in a very effective manner. Think of this as rehabilitation. We must all do more of this.

Level: All
Duration: 15 Mins
Date: 22/06/23

Pilates for Prolapse #287

Try these 3 times a week to help with your prolapse, or to prevent one.

Level: All
Duration: 8 Min
Date: 16/11/21

Pilates for Pelvic Floor #191

Really focusing on the pelvic floor for those who may suffer a prolapse or incontinence.

Level: All
Duration: 20 Min
Date: 07/09/21

Pilates for Prolapse #233

When you're feeling a heavy discomfort, this quick session will help.

Level: All
Duration: 9 Min
Date: 19/05/21