Stretch & Massage Vidoes

Foam Roller Massage for Legs and Back #39

This is the BEST way to keep the osteo away! Rolling out the muscles of the legs and back and adding the little ball under buttock is where we're at here. Enjoy and let me know how you get on.

Level: All
Duration: 28 Min
Date: 25/01/24

Back Strength & Stretch #17

This is the workout your physio would love you to do every day 😜

Level: All
Duration: 10 Min
Date: 04/01/24

Shoulder Mobility & Stretch #363

For when they are just too stiff! Enjoy and repeat as often as needed to loosen your shoulders.

Level: All
Duration: 16 Mins
Date: 02/03/23

Re-Mobilise #334

Have you been camping, or sleeping on beds that aren't quite like your own? Have you been lazing around and out of routine and need to re-mobilise your body? If the answers are YES, then this is for you. There will be 20 mins or so of pure mobility exercises, right from your neck to your toes.

Level: All
Duration: 21 Min
Date: 02/09/22

Unwind, Stretch & Breathe #320

A chance to move very slowly and do very, very little in order to relax and unwind.

Level: All
Duration: 14 Min
Date: 17/05/22

Back Stretch Flow #315

Stretching the spine in a lovely flow sequence focusing on the Thoracic Spine.

Level: All
Duration: 21 Min
Date: 27/03/22

Seated Stretch #313

How is stretching ever bad hey! Enjoy this one from the comfort of your chair.

Level: All
Duration: 23 Min
Date: 23/03/22

Super Stretch #364

Just what your body needs at any time of the day or week.

Level: All
Duration: 9 Min
Date: 16/11/21

Achy Back Stretches #272

For when your back is asking for help!

Level: All
Duration: 20 Min
Date: 26/08/21

Back Stretches #218

This quickie will leave your spine feeling much better!

Level: All
Duration: 10 Min
Date: 26/04/21

Leg Stretches #190

These are the stretches we all need after our workouts.

Level: All
Duration: 7 Min
Date: 12/04/21

Happy Hips (and backs!) #175

Working on mobilising and stretching the hips, back and legs. Definitely a session to revisit often.

Level: All
Duration: 23 Min
Date: 15/03/21
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