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6 responses to “20 Min Cardio LIIT – Low Impact Interval Training 18.6.22 #325”

  1. Sarah Newman avatar
    Sarah Newman

    Fab workout! Brill in the heat as well as don’t need to jump but felt like I’d worked hard

  2. vikki avatar

    That’s great Sarah, deffo one to use when we have these heatwaves. xx

  3. Sandra Ward avatar
    Sandra Ward

    Brilliant workout Vikki. Really enjoyed it although turned some exercises into a HIT

  4. vikki avatar

    That’s great Sandra, great to adapt the exercises to suit you.

  5. twheeler avatar

    Good workout, thank you Vikki

    1. vikki avatar

      Ah good to hear from you Tracy, I hope you’re well. let me know what you’d like more of. xx

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