Would you like to train in the right heart rate zones?

Would you like to check that you’re training in the right heart rate zone?

Most of us want to burn fat and another load of us want to get fitter too.

The 2 main training zones you want to make sure you are in are zone 2 and 3.

1. Find your max heart rate. 220 – your age. For example, mine is 220-50 = 170

2. Zone 2 for fat burning is to make sure your heart rate, whilst exercising is 60-70% of that number. Mine is therefore 102-119

3. Zone 3 for a good cardiovascular plus fat burning workout is 70-80% of the max heart rate. Mine is 119-136

If you haven’t got your smart watch on, a super quick way to find you heart rate is to:

Find your pulse – neck is best

Count how many beats in 15 seconds

Multiply by 4 – easy

Know your zones and make it count!


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