You Are Enough 💕

Wellness Wednesday and today, for me it’s about being kind to myself, reminding myself that “I am enough” and to laugh at the amount of things we would like to fit into our day, but no way will that ever happen.

Here’s the list 😂:

Make a healthy breakie, spend time with kids, play with kids, do some morning stretches and exercises, plan food for the day – for the whole family, get ready, look nice and get to work, get kids to school, spend time with partner, think about everyone’s needs and schedules, physio on which ever body part needs it today, chill out, workout, make healthy lunch, shop, plan, family admin, drink 8 + glasses of water, make sure you’ve had all of your vitamins, and everyone else has, meditate, breathe or hypnotherapy, get kids to clubs…. and back, kids bedtime routine, have a good bedtime routine yourself, time for partner, read, check phone, phone off in time to sleep well, sleep well. Be a good family member, good friend, help others, love others, love yourself…….

I’m exhausted writing this, I mean seriously, the list goes on right!

So today I’m just enjoying my clients in classes and doing nothing over and above. It has been enlightening writing this as it’s a LOT!

How can we possibly be perfect? There is no need and we are all enough


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