Beginners Tips – Squats

I often forget just how many beginners there are who are afraid to start a class as they aren’t sure they’ll get it.

More beginners tips will be coming your way!

Today it’s about squats.

☑️ Feet hip width apart or more

☑️ Stick your buttocks back behind you and lean forward with chest lifted,  don’t tip head down to the floor

☑️ Keep knees in line with toes so you don’t knock them in

☑️Brace core to spine, pinch pelvic floor (if you know what it is lol) and as you exhale, stand tall with shoulders back and down.

☑️ Beginners especially, don’t drop your butt lower than your knees, this will put pressure on them

Squats are a wonderful exercise for all.  Strengthening your buttocks, legs and supporting your lower back.


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