Sleep Hack

Do you have trouble getting to sleep or with waking for no reason during the night?

Life hack for some to help aid a better night’s sleep!

I used to think my 2 cups of 1 shot coffee was fine as I had them by 11am.

But I’ve been recently not dropping off as well as I used to and I’d now and again wake up during the night and stay awake for a bit. How could it be the caffiene I had 15hrs ago??

It’s not until you try these little hacks that you realise actually 2 weak cups was too many for me! Pathetic really..

I’ve now cut back to 1 x1 shot coffee by 9am and now I drop off in the middle of my Netflix drama and only wake for a quick wee before falling back to sleep again ūüėú. Bingo. I still fancy that 2nd coffee, so I now have a good decaf instead, which tastes exactly the same.

Try it for a few days and let me know if it makes a difference.

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